Superior Genetics Beef PILAGÁ CARNES Argentine Beef This allows us to show our clients the history of each animal from its birth to reaching their hands. EXTENDED TRACEABILITY BLOCKCHAIN Unique and innovative system in the world From the genetics to the consumer WE GUARANTEE Quality, Traceability, Innocuity and Continuous Supply From the prestigious and highly-awarded Braford and Brangus breeding herds FROM ARGENTINA TO THE WORLD High quality product for the most demanding markets

PILAGÁ CARNES Argentine beef

Livestock farming company since 1867.
Superior Genetics Beef

Over 150 years ago, Pilagá was born with the commitment to develop and offer the best genetics to Argentinean and regional livestock producers, for the genetic improvement of their herd. This gave rise to Elite ranch livestock rearers that produce high-quality beef.

Since its establishment in 1867, the company has developed knowledge and expertise from its first steps in meat production and export to genetics, making it a pioneer in this field all throughout the region.

Over the last decade, Pilagá has achieved the highest awards in competitions, due to the quality of its genetics program and the excellency, innovation and professional background of its management.

The Brand “Pilagá Carnes” originated as the result of continuing investment in business expansion to commercialize Premium Beef from award-winning genetics. Through blockchain technology, traceability adds value with the documentation of the whole production process.

We produce high quality beef for the world's most demanding markets

Business model


Pilagá ‘s business model ensures quality, traceability, innocuity and continuous supply from the genetics to the consumer.

Through the implementation of an impregnable information system with token codes and blockchain technology, a strict quality control in every stage of the process and the highest standards of innocuity and wellbeing of the animal, Pilagá creates a high quality product for the most demanding markets.

Since its early beginnings, Pilagá has generated strong and enduring business agreements and relationships. This has been one of the founding pillars of its growth as a company and its permanence over time.

Argentinian beef is recognized around the world for its unparalleled flavor. The unique geographical environment of rich, vast grasslands and the favorable climate, allows livestock producers to raise cattle freely and feed it naturally; all combined with the tradition of the people who work in this activity proudly transmitted from generation to generation.

Pilagá group has enhanced these environmental conditions with the consistent investment in new technologies, focusing on transparency in the added value chain through the data registered in the blockchain. Thanks to this, meat lovers will be able to track and learn about the origins of Pilagá Carnes products.


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“When the livestock producer works efficiently, excellence on a plate comes easily”.
“Righteous breeder, excellent product, good food”.

Julián Espinosa Frías
Chef Advisor at H Asesoria Chaijale Espinosa

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Since decades, Pilagá produces the best Braford Genetics in Argentina. Our platform adds value to Pilagá’s livestock through the tokenization of their animals and the complete traceability on blockchain, securing transparency, clarity and confidence of all their data.

Carnes Validadas

Premium Foods Trading Co. is one of the leading food service industry in Saudi Arabia and specialized in providing and serve the premium foods brands to HORECA sector. We are pleasure to partner Pilaga Carnes in KSA and GCC market in order to strenghening the best quality beef which the market is looking for in term of quality, consistency , and the trust as we do know the main source of the cattle from "Pilaga Carnes" farm and how the process is at it's slaugherhouse factory who is also certified Halal.

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